Post Holiday Market Sale

What a successful holiday market at Daydream Surf Shop this past Sunday! I had a great time chatting with so many new folks and it was great to see some familiar faces who came to support and get first dibs on some new work I had available for sale. Here’s a selection of some of the artwork sold this past weekend:

Eucalyptus I, Watercolor on paper, 12%22 x 18%22.jpg
Eucalyptus II, Watercolor on paper, 18%22 x 12%22.jpg
Elecampane 12%22 x 12%22.jpg

Stay posted for more markets, shows, and upcoming events in the New Year!


Makers Market

I will be selling some of my original artwork at a Makers Market on August 19th.  Come see me and other creatives at Costa Mesa Ceramics from 2-7pm!  It is a wonderful woman-owned and operated studio that extends creativity and the arts into our local community.  I started doing ceramics there this past winter and am looking forward to continuing to create there.

1001 W 17th St n, Costa Mesa, CA 92627